Hello World - introducing GottaGoFast.com

Hello World - introducing GottaGoFast.com

Gotta Go Fast pairs talented engineers with scaling companies that want to go faster.

We offer incredible engineers on a fractional monthly basis to existing teams that want to ship faster. Our developers are part CTO and part senior product engineers - shipping great code and writing the playbooks to do it again.

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We have spent the past year testing our hypothesis with some great companies and incredible engineers. With a motivated group of new engineers coming into the Gotta Go Fast network, we are excited to introduce ourselves to the world and help the slow and steady founder who wants to go a little faster.

Engineering teams have endless needs; technical debt slowing things down, a backlog that is stacking up, all while trying to recruit great people. We provide trusted engineers who know how to ship great products, at a fraction of full time cost of hiring and recruiting. This allows great engineers to freelance on their own terms, and companies a chance to leverage the most qualified talent that’s only available as fractional talent.

Building and shipping great software takes experience, expertise, and a good understanding of what it takes to work together. It takes good communication, great product editing, humility and embracing change. As the founders of GGF we thankfully have seen some things. We have been investing and building startups for a long time.

The “we” behind Gotta Go Fast is myself, Eric Friedman, and Jonathan Grana. John has been a CTO and founder multiple times, and built products and services from the ground up that has scaled to millions of users in the B2B and B2C space. I am a long time operator and investor in startups, including investing in John when he was CEO of Interseller which brought us together in 2017. Working together has sharpened out superpowers - operations and engineering.

Leveraging our network of trusted engineers, we serve other founders who have a list ready to be worked on, but are engineering constrained.

We put great fractional engineers into organizations that have tickets ready to be completed and roadmaps ready to be shipped.


The secret to GGF is combining trust and respect with experience and understanding. Most software projects get spec’d out, designed, and planned with the best of intentions. We have engineers that have done it before, that are ready to ship things over the line and share the playbooks on how to do it again.

Our engineers jump into slack, standups, and planning meetings right away. They get up to speed fast and start contributing on day one. By having GGF fractional engineers be the point of contact for clients we cut down on unnecessary meetings and get back to shipping.

There is no substitution for hard work, dedication to a craft, and making a meaningful impact. We pride ourselves on finding great senior product engineers who want to get back to coding and join great teams on a fractional basis.

Nothing is “outside of scope” (or, How It Works)

Most agencies are geared around a scope of deliverables. Anything outside that list and you hear the dreaded words “outside of scope” causing higher fees and more delays.

Gotta Go Fast is focused around shipping what you need. Contracts are monthly - which means scope changes are a PART of the process not a blocker.

Startups change course often, that is a part of what makes them great. Our engineers know and understand this which is why they are self managed - ready to join your standups, plug into your slack channels, and start taking on tasks.

Gotta Go Fast engineers are incentivized to provide value right away since they are working month to month. If they are not providing value, clients will stop the contracts. Unlike agencies which are incentivized to hit milestones by a certain date forcing them to cut corners.

Monthly contracts align with a culture of listening to teams, getting things done, and being able to embrace chance. Engineers have seen these movies before at their own startups and as part of a team.

GGF contracts are a flat monthly retainer basis - no hourly rates, time limits, or even middle-people to deal with. You get an engineer, on a fractional basis, with domain expertise.


Why are we doing this?

Thanks for asking! We are building a boutique engineering studio to get closer to building and shipping products for companies and startups so we can do a better job of it ourselves. We are building our own ideas, and excited to have proximity to so many others shipping new products. We have some exciting things to share soon, but in the meantime - know that we are builders at heart and this is a great way to create an ecosystem around having great engineers, great companies that want to go faster, and creating things that people want.

If you are interested in working as fractional engineer get in touch

If you are a company or startup that needs help reach out and start going faster.

Now, let's start going faster together.

John & Eric