Allergic to outsourcing.

The common problems with outsourced engineering.

Outsourced engineering is a powerful tool for companies looking to expand their development capabilities without the added cost and commitment of hiring full-time employees. specializes in providing experienced, founder-level embedded product engineers who work on a single client at a time.

However, the allergic reaction many founders and technical teams have to outsource engineering efforts is pervasive. Most teams have had experiences that make even considering outsourcing a moot point. If not within their current team, someone in the company has had a terrible experience. So how do you get over the past scorched earth of other firms and agencies? How can you provide comfort and ease the concerns of a team that needs to be shipping faster but can't hire full-time engineers?

We have been solving this problem for the past few years in a few different ways;

Working with engineers that ship.

We pride ourselves in having a high technical and aptitude bar for engineers who we work with. Thankfully, many of them are our friends who we have worked with in the past. Our pool of venture investments, VC firms, and startups that we are associated with and in our network have provided an amazing group to work with. Engineers that have been a part of a fast-growing team, that ships amazing products, used by millions or at venture scale means great people. Screening for communications, aptitude, self-management capabilities and those that can plug in from day one gives us an incredible bench of engineers.


A growing number of engineers are building their own startup. Sometimes its hard to find the mental space or time to work on something on your own. by working with only one client provides focus for them, and the headspace for the engineer to build. Working across their own idea and yours has proven valuable - problem solving is often about stepping away and coming back at a later point. We see that time and again the aversion to outsourcing is caused from the lack of attention someone has, the context switching concerns, and the lack of communication with engineers. plugs people directly into teams. For the most part, they are similar to a full time employee on your team, without the benefits, stock, and maintenance required. They join your slack channel. They join your standups. They join whatever systems and platforms you use and are there when you need them.


Unlike other firms and agencies that may have fewer senior engineers working on multiple clients and charging by the hour, our engineers have a wealth of experience shipping code at venture-scale companies. They are experienced leaders who can provide valuable guidance and mentorship to your team. One of the key benefits of working with is that our engineers are self-motivated and self-managing. They do not require any account management and are able to hit the ground running with minimal onboarding. When teams work with experience engineers, the entire team benefits.


We have been doing incredible work for scaling companies for the past few years. By being an independent platform, we are there when companies need us and have a track record of success. Some of our recent wins include;

  • Just Salad - bringing their entire tech stack (app + web) in house

  • Mockingbird - helping scale eCommerce platform and logistics

  • Red Antler - Providing technical expertise to one of the best design firms in the world

Our Engineers our amazing

Gaining comfort with GGF

The initial reaction to firms and companies that promise the world and deliver subpar results is understandable. By modeling our offering on a monthly retainer, never counting hours or lines of code, we focus on shipping the right products for great teams, when they are ready. The proof is with our customers who love us. The results are seen with our partners who are growing their GGF engineering teams. The conclusion is that not all non-full-time teams are made the same and we would love to set up a time to chat with you about how can plug into your company and help you where you need it most.